As a longtime child care provider and pre-k teacher I know the best methods to utilize to teach the children the skills they will need when they enter kindergarten. Personally, I think way too much is expected of our children when first entering kindergarten, but that’s the way it goes! Regardless, there’s absolutely no reason the children can’t learn and have some organized fun at the same time. There are several educational videos, books and toys I use that continue to be a huge success. I’ve recently noticed some of the local kindergarten teachers using the very same materials, so I’m not the only teacher on the same track.

Moving forward, we’ll be sharing this information with links, photos, videos and more. This is the best way to spread this valuable information to other teachers and parents. Many of these products are not easily available in local stores, so we’ll be sharing some very new and different products. We know you and your children will love it, and so will we.

Keep an eye out and be sure to subscribe to this site or send us your e mail address in our contact form. Be sure to make a note and ask to be added to the newsletter list so you’ll be notified of our future posts regarding educational videos, books and more. While waiting, you might be surprised at some of the creative educational videos available for free on Youtube, Facebook and a few other venues. At our child care, we watch very little television but what we do watch is educational and fun.

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