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Thanks to our favorite Landscaping contractor Dave Forster, the new garden at Mary’s School House, aka Gregory Family Child Care, is now complete. The children and teachers alike are very excited and they started with the planting on Friday. It ended up being a little more work than was thought due to the condition of the existing irrigation system. Landscaping contractor Dave Forster stuck with it, but had to completely replace the irrigation controls and re-work the wiring as well. With the new block planter walls, conditioned planting soil, and irrigation system, it makes for a perfect beginning for teachers Mary, Beckie, and the children.

We are just so darn pleased with the work and the children are very excited to be able to help with the planting. So far, they’ve planted tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, some herbs, peppers, and more. Growing this garden is an outstanding learning experience for the children. Most pre-school children think their food originates from the grocery store, so by participating in this garden they will learn first hand where their food comes from. The children will help and continue to care for the garden and will ultimately be able to help with the harvest and eat the food they themselves produce. How exciting this project will be for all!

If you have young children, planting a garden is very rewarding and makes for a wonderful family project. Then, when you’re eating your own food you have grown yourselves, well, it doesn’t get any better than that!  If you are interesting in starting your new garden, contact us and we’ll be happy to pass on the contact information for landscaper we used for our garden.

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