Gregory Family Child Care

Simply the BEST! Home Child Care at Mary’s Schoolhouse

Gregory Family Child Care at Mary’s School House

We provide a loving and nurturing home teaching environment and enable our children learn as they grow. A typical day at child care here is action packed and busy! The children learn new things everyday and when it’s time to move on to Kindergarten they are well prepared and ready to continue learning.

Although our license allows us to provide care for up to 14 children, we usually keep the count down to 11 or 12, especially if one of the children is very young. We employ multiple part time assistants to help as needed. Our hours of operation are from 7:00am to 5:30pm, Monday thru Friday.

As providers, we are committed to making daycare a positive extension of the family unit. The children in our care are safe and happy in an environment of tender loving care!

We have a separate family room / playroom complete with toys that are very accommodating to children of different ages and developmental stages. We have closely monitored inside and outside play that includes free play and structured play (circle time, storytelling, music, arts and crafts). The backyard is fenced and equipped with many fun activities such as Little Tikes play gear, sand and water play, riding toys, and more.

If interested in having your child enroll in our care, please contact us to learn of openings or be placed on our waiting list.

Kids with Baby Chicks
The kids absolutely LOVE our newly hatched chicks!

Daily Activities

We are focused on teaching your children and following a structured curriculum for each child’s age level. The children learn manners, sharing, how to behave socially with others, letters, numbers and everything needed to move on, fully prepared for kindergarten.  Most of the local kindergarten teachers know of us and we often receive positive accolades about how well prepared our children are once they move on to school. In fact, we have been providing care for children of local teachers for years.

We know how difficult it can be for parents to leave their child and go off to work. That’s one reason we like to share our daycare activities on our Gregory Family Child Care Facebook page.

The parents love to see their children during the work day. Facebook, helps us to make it convenient for parents to take a moment from their day to view and comment on the activities of their children. With permission, we make every effort to see that each child appears in the photos and parents can see their daily activities.

Child Care Activities On Facebook

Typically, we take numerous photos and video clips during the morning hours and share them on Facebook during nap time. Our page is public however it’s intended to enable the parents and other family members to see photos of their children participating in their daily activities. Everyone enjoys this sharing and it’s nice to take a break from a busy work day to see what’s happening with their children.

We never expected our Facebook posts to be so popular! As it turns out, the grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends seem to enjoy seeing the kids the most. Many of the photos are humorous and fun. We feel fortunate to be entrusted to care for children that are so well loved by everyone.

Reviews and Comments

We can share about ourselves and our services endlessly, but what really matters is what the parents and family members have to say. You might be surprised to learn, some of the children in our care are actually children of children we cared for years in the past. Some of our assistants were once even children in our care! Honestly, we don’t think any reference or review could be any better than that.

See below a few examples of our reviews and there are plenty more available on our Testimonials page and even more on Facebook.

Courtney Teubner

Mary is a breath of fresh air! This job was made for her! My niece and nephew both went to Mary so I knew when I had a little one of my own, when he was old enough, he too would attend Gregory Family Childcare! Mary is so wonderful with him and even got him to not be rocked before nap time!! The activities she does during the week are fantastic, the kids are always learning, playing and I can’t forget to mention all the wonderful art projects they do!! He was in a Montessori as an infant and my son has developed so much since starting to attend with Mary. I love how she sends us photos throughout the day too of activities they are doing! It makes being a full time working mom that much easier! Mary isn’t just a daycare provider for Logan, she’s family!
Courtney Teubner

Dawn Doherty Mathews

Our granddaughter has thrived going to Gregory family child care.
Courtney Teubner

Mike Donathan

My son played football with Mary’s son Tim and I saw what a great person she is first hand. Now both my granddaughters are in her care and it’s amazing to see the love and care they get. Wonderful team and the girls are learning so much. Thanks Mary and team.
Courtney Teubner
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