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Mary and Kids

Who We Are & What We Do

My name is Mary Gregory and I operate Gregory Family Child Care, also known as “Mary’s School House.” Located In the Northpark community of Valencia, CA, I’ve been successfully operating our home child care for many happy years and plan to continue doing so for many years to come. I primarily care for children from the ages of 1 to 5 years. I do make exceptions on occasion, especially if the infant is a sibling of another child in my care, past or present. I offer only the highest quality care available and have successfully prepared many children to move on from my care, directly to kindergarten.

Children and Teachers

I have multiple teaching assistant so there are always 2 qualified teachers present. On special days I sometimes have more than one assistant. Our home child care is licensed by the State of California and all assistants are screened and cleared by the State as well.

Teacher Drea
Teacher Drea
Pete and Mary Gregory
Mary & Her Helper
Teacher Gigi
Teacher Gigi

Positive & Enthusiastic Environment
We care for between eight and twelve children at a time. We nurture and teach the children with a positive and enthusiastic mindset. We make sure all of the children feel loved, safe, and they look forward to being a part of the group. We provide a positive environment where the children are able to learn the necessary social, academic and behavior skills they will need when they enroll in kindergarten. I know many of the local elementary school teachers, and they are always pleased with the children that come from my care.

If you need any references, we have many you can find by visiting our review page or visit our Facebook page as well. Many parents show their appreciation by sending thoughtful notes and cards. If you are considering enrolling your child we can also put you in direct contact with past and current parents of children in our care.

Children of Children and Teaching Assistants Previously in My Care
Perhaps the two most important factors that makes our care stand out is the fact that, I’m now caring for children of children that were in my care. Then, some of my current and past teaching assistants were actually in my care when they were children.

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