Answers to Common Questions About Child Care

See below answers to the questions we hear most often.


We hope the FAQ’s below are helpful and answer most of your questions. Please feel free to contact us directly should you need additional information. The best way to connect is by filling the form on the contact page. You may also call or text me at 661-210-7617 however I’m not usually available while caring for the children during the work day.

We provide care for children ages 1 to 5.

Our curriculum is comprised of a variety of years of educational material. We teach letters, numbers, shapes, simple science, politeness, character development, and age appropriate skills. Some children learn how to read and write proficiently before they leave to Kindergarten. This is all done in a relaxed environment since all children develop and mature at different rates.

We are considered by licensing to be a large family child care which means we can watch up to 14 children depending on certain other factors. Typically we care for 11 or 12 children.

We provide two or more providers depending on number of children in our care at any given time. All children are fully supervised at all times by a qualified provider. All adult providers are pre-screened by the state and receive fingerprint clearance from the California Department of Justice and the FBI.

Gregory Family Child Care is not a babysitting service. We provide quality child care service as a state licensed child care facility.

Yes! We provide an extensive and full range of enriching pre-school activities! We have developed creative methods to make learning fun and the children are always well prepared for kindergarten. See what a typical day is like here at Mary’s Schoolhouse.

Our days are action packed, filled with a variety of organized and structured activities.

Yes, we do help with potty training when the parents and child are ready. As one might expect, this is a team effort, so it’s important parents and providers are on the same page.

Please contact us directly to find out the cost of tuition for full time care. The actual amount varies and fluctuates depending on circumstances and conditions.

No drop in care and most of our children are full time. Occasionally, we provide part time care.

Yes, all food and snacks are provided unless a child has a specific menu that is outside the norm. Often, parents contribute food and snacks to help with our special celebrations.

Diapers and pull ups are provided by the parents.

Most full-time employees get paid for holidays as well as for vacations. Therefore, I do ask for most major holidays off with pay. This includes but is not limited to New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

Since we’re licensed by the State of California we provide all safety features as expected for any family child care facility. We provide constant supervision and employ teacher assistants as needed, based on the number of children in our care on a given day. Child proof locks on all doors, electrical outlet covers, no open bodies of water, Stairs blocked off, etc. Our child care providers are CPR and First Aid certified.

Not currently but we had a dog in the past. In the future we may get a small dog. If so, it will be kept separately and away from the children. On occasion we may have a closely supervised period for the children to pet the dog or watch it play fetch.

Licensed by the State of California, Nationally Accredited Teacher Grant Award from the Southern California Kindergarten Conference. Past President, Vice President, newsletter editor, board and committee chairperson and member of the non profit Family Day Care Association of Santa Clarita Valley since 1989. 10 commendations from the County of Los Angeles for contributions made to community while serving on the association board.

Education includes CSUN and COC college courses related to child development and ongoing early childhood conferences, seminars, and monthly trainings. I have taught many workshops to other child care providers on art, music and movement exercises, and story time and circle time fun.

The menu can be adjusted to accommodate various food allergies. Two of the most common allergies we find with some children include peanut and dairy products. These issues are discussed with the parent or guardian well in advance, and we implement safeguards to insure the child only eats food that fits his or her needs.

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