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The children in our care enjoy and participate in an endless variety of fun and educational group activities. We share most of it on our Facebook page but we’ve also published a few posts of the more popular activities down below.

Also, be sure to scroll to the bottom to learn more about our group activities.

Outdoor Activities

For outdoor group activities we tend the vegetable garden, chase bubbles, dig in the dirt, collect insects, and on hot days, we have water play days. Oh, I almost forgot to mention our play in the mud day. Who doesn’t like making mud pies? On trash day the kids like to take a walk and follow the trash man. They love watching the garbage trucks lift up and dump the trash cans.

Kids Watching Trash Truck
Kids Love Watching the Trash Truck on Monday Mornings

Indoor Activities

When indoors, the children love to do arts and crafts, make gifts for birthdays and holidays, sing songs, dance to the music or do exercise routines intended for young children. We play with race car sets, kitchen sets, blocks, omegles, tinker toys, magna-tiles and the list goes on.

The kids love playing dress up and role playing is a crowd favorite. Thankfully, we have a large closet filled with kid sized costumes of every type.

Weekly theme Topics, Letters and Numbers

Typically, each week we focus on one letter and one number. Then, we often combine that with the theme topic for the week. For instance, if it’s Shark week we might also focus in the letter, “S”. Of course, dinosaur week goes with the letter “D”. We might open the coloring books and color using the color of the week to fill in a letter or number. We also have story board time, read books, play musical instruments and more.