Kids Building Lego City
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Kids Love Building Legos

Certainly, among the numerous toys in our household, building Legos holds a special place in the hearts of the kids, surpassing the appeal of any other playthings. It remains the enduring favorite that never loses its charm. A couple of months ago, we celebrated International Legos Day, and the children enthusiastically engaged by constructing their own Lego city. While the older kids took the lead, every child, from the eldest to the youngest, played a part, contributing to the collective achievement. The sense of pride they felt upon completing the project was evident. It served as a vivid reminder of the enduring joy kids find in building with Legos!

Logo City Complete

Through the years operating my child care I’ve seen the popularity of toys come and go. I can tell you from experience, there is nothing that has ever been as popular or lasted as long as Legos. We have peg boards, action figures, hot wheels, dolls, omagols, magnatiles and just about any toy you can think of. Of all the toys, legos are the best!

Building the Lego City

To kickstart the construction of their Lego city, we began by watching a YouTube video showcasing kids creating diverse Lego structures. Following that, we guided them in organizing the table and established a few essential ground rules. While it might seem unnecessary, it’s important to note that we have one-year-olds who find it amusing to snatch Legos or dismantle them when nobody is watching. Apart from keeping an eye on the younger ones, we took a hands-off approach and let their creativity run wild.

Cailey Leads Lego Kids

Predictably, the 4-year-olds assumed a leadership role, and it was heartening to witness how they assisted the younger ones. Naturally, they were keen on preventing any mishaps caused by the younger participants! While the project managed to captivate their attention for an extended period, the younger kids began to lose focus a bit earlier. Surprisingly, this turned out to be a blessing as it enabled the older kids to wrap up the project without significant delays.

The Finished Lego City

I’ll tell you, we were impressed with how the kids worked together on their project. Even better, they were quite proud of themselves when finished.

What About Other Toys?

Once upon a time it was simple blocks or perhaps Tinker Toys. In fact, I have tons of blocks and Tinker Toys, and though the large foam blocks are popular, with the Tinker Toys they can take them or leave them. I never allowed the more complicated, erector sets, mostly because that is the type of project that requires one on one guidance and more help than I had available.

Girls playing with Blocks and Peg Board
Lily Building Blocks and Ells With Her Peg Board

The Kids Never Get tired of Legos

The legos are available for the kids to play with everyday because they never get tired of them. I guess it’s because they are so versatile. The child doesn’t necessarily need to build much of anything to enjoy them. They can make a little car, truck or airplane in a jiffy. They can make a play house or little kitchen almost as quickly. That is the secret to legos! However, with all other toys I only allow their use occasionally. Sometimes I will take groups of toys and put them away for another day. Then, a month or two later I bring them out and kids are all back on board for playing with them. There’s no need to ever store away the legos as their popularity is never ending!