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Children Learn and Participate As Mary’s Garden Grows

Here at Gregory Family Child Care, the children’s garden is once again growing like crazy, just like the kids! The new garden is actually already starting to produce. The kids all got to pick strawberries and other vegetables today while teacher’s Mary and Drea made a lunch of beef and vegetable stew.

Our First Garden

Several years ago we planted our first garden and it was a huge success. We went for a couple years with no garden because we had planted some trees in the bank above and they produced too much shade to allow our garden to grow. So, we had the trees removed and although we’ll miss the shade, we LOVE our garden! Some of the children love picking the baby tomatoes and eating them right off the vine.

Children Ready for Gardening

Children Participate in Caring for Garden

This garden was a wonderful idea and always a hot topic of conversation among the parents and our neighbors. The children continue to learn and have fun, all at the same time! We believe in keeping the children engaged and learning by continuing new and interesting projects. Next, the children are making wind chimes out of tin cans and they hope to place the chimes in the garden to keep our flying feathered friends from eating the harvest. The children have actually participated in planting, watering and caring the plants and they are amazed to see them grow and produce. Now they’re talking about planting pumpkins and squash on our banks, right above the vegetable garden. This is such GREAT FUN!

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