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Michael Lyn at Mary’s School House “Get Out Your Guitar Day”

In celebration of “Get Out Your Guitar Day” the children at Mary’s School House enjoyed a special treat with a visit from a popular local musician, Michael Lyn of Michael Lyn Music. Michael is a song writer, composer, professional guitar player and he also provides private guitar lessons at his studio here in Santa Clarita. Have look at some of Mike’s popular music videos and I’m sure he would appreciate a like or subscribe to his channel.

Tunes Played

During Mike’s visit he played the Lion King song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and a special kid favorite, the Batman theme tune. The kids also got to hear the Spider Man theme song and they sang along to the old tune, You Can’t Always Get What you Want, by the Rolling Stones. That last one is a teacher favorite here and often sung here by the entire group.

3 Classic Guitars
Mike’s Guitars: The green one is a 1956 Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster. The pink is a 1963 Custom Shop Telecaster

Guitars Shared

Mike brought two different electric guitars and one gorgeous acoustic guitar. The Surf Green guitar is a 1956 Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster. Then there’s the Shell Pink 1963 Custom Shop Telecaster. The children loved the different colors and each one got to try their hand with the pick and strum one of the guitars. The kids loved the experience and it was the perfect opportunity for them to have fun and learn about guitars at the same time.

Guitar Art at Mary's School House

Today’s Artwork

Earlier in the day the kids got to do some clever artwork which included their own footprint to act as the neck of the guitar.

Thank You Mike
We want to extend a very special think you to Michael Lyn for taking his time to spend with the children.

We always strive to keep the children focused and one of the ways we do this is by celebrating special days. It’s fun to invite special visitors and the children love the new experiences shared by those we invite.

Child strumming guitar & Mike waving to kids

Want to Learn Guitar?
If you’re interested in learning to play the guitar hiring Michael Lyn for a performance you may contact him directly at 661-857-1717 or visit his Michael Lyn Music website.

Mary Gregory of Gregory Family Child Care
Mary Gregory have been a licensed child care provider in Santa Clarita for many years and continues to operate Gregory Family Child Care in Valencia, CA. If you’re looking for child care it’s best to contact Mary here on her website and she will respond as soon as she is able.