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Bittersweet Moments as Children Move on to Kindergarten

Depending on the ages of the children in our care, some years one or more leave our care and move on to kindergarten. While we’re happy to see the children grow and move on, it’s always a bit sad, especially for those children that have been with us for several years.

In order to help the children make a smooth transition, we begin preparations weeks in advance. We begin talking about all the fun things they will learn and new friends they will make in kindergarten. We also double down on their academic preparations to make sure they are ready. We talk about how they will be expected to behave their added responsibilities.

A few days before they leave our care we celebrate with a special Graduation Day, complete with a party, good food and of course, gifts! We dress the oldsters up in graduation costumes, take photos and do our very best to insure the kids are excited to move on. It’s also a great way to show the younger children what to look forward as they get older in our care.

Future Child Care Assistants

Perhaps one of the great blessings we have experienced is having a few of our past children return years later to work as assistants. Some have even received college degrees with child development related majors. What a blessing indeed!

When the older children move on, it creates openings for new children to join our care. Although we usually have a waiting list, often those on the list could not wait and found child care elsewhere. So, if you need child care it’s always a good to get on our list. There are exceptions, but the openings usually come available in June of each year.

At Gregory Family Child Care we provide child care and preschool services in our Valencia home. We celebrate just about every special day there is and use the various special events as a fun way to teach the children new skills and behaviors. We believe there are always lessons to be learned in everything we do.