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Santa Arrives in 2022 and Again in 2023

It’s 2023 and once again Santa Claus made a surprise visit and the kids were over the top excited. A few of the older children were here last year for Santa’s visit, but the new children were excited beyond belief! We had so much fun and even though I had to bring in extra help, it was so worth it. Also, thank you to my son, Matt Gregory for once again taking the time from his Gregory Real Estate Group business and being a great Santa!

Fun With Santa

Santa arrived with bells on saying hohoho and carrying a big red bag filled with presents. The children were smiling, laughing, jumping up and down and swarming, all wanting to get in on the action. We sang Christmas songs, talked about the elves, reindeer and enjoyed every moment. For the record, the favorite Christmas song for Santa and the kids is “It Must Be Santa”.

Once everyone settled down a bit we sat down and each child was able to sit on Santa’s Lap and receive their special gift. Santa knows each child by name and asked each of them what they wanted for Christmas.

It always take a bit of time for some to warm up to Santa, but this year none were too scared to sit with him. Even though the mom’s for a couple of the kids said their child would be too scared, as it turned out they were fine. Some children are unsure at first, but once they see the others sitting on Santa’s lap, laughing while getting hugs and gifts, they give in to the moment and join in the fun.

After the children received their gifts we all sang more songs and after about an hour, Santa had to be on his way. It was such fun, but we all said good bye and got ready for a special lunch.

After Santa

This year we kept it simple and had pizza delivered. Of course, all kids love pizza so we had a nice lunch, watch a Christmas movie, then the children laid down for their naps. Yes, believe or not, after all the excitement and a good lunch, they were good and tired, so fell fast asleep. I’d love to be able to know just what they were dreaming about.

Making Christmas Memories

We love having special days and they are a great way to help the children learn by making memories while having fun. In the days leading to Santa’s visit we practiced singing and remembering words to songs, worked on the letter “S” and the color red. We colored pictures of Santa and his Elves, read stories and other did related activities.

We’re looking forward to seeing Santa again in 2024!