Two of our oldsters, Amani and Annie are finally moving on to kindergarten. Amani started up in our care when she was one year old and Annie started out when she was two. They are two very special little girls have are we are so thankful their parents entrusted us to care for their children, and prepare them for kindergarten. These girls are both very smart, quick witted and just plain fun to be with. Amani and Annie have both demonstrated outstanding academic and social skills and have been very good with the younger children. We are so proud of them and extend our best wishes as Annie and Amani move on to kindergarten.

Something special about Annie is, she’s a very good reader! She’s often serious, but fun and playful at the same time. She gets along well with others and follows directions perfectly. Something special about Amani is, she’s quick witted, observant and playful. Nothing much escapes her notice and she looks you straight in the eye when talking. We are confident both girls fully prepared for kindergarten and will both adjust very nicely. Though we’re happy for them moving on to kindergarten, it’s bittersweet and we’ll miss them both!

At Gregory Family Child Care we provide child care and preschool services in our Valencia home. We celebrate just about every special event and use the various special events as a fun way to teach the children new skills and behaviors. We believe there are always lessons to be learned in everything we do. In celebration of Annie and Amani moving on to kindergarten, we had a fun little graduation party that was attended by all the teachers, children and parents. It’s a great way to show the younger children what to look forward as they get older in our care.

When the older children move on, it creates openings for new children join our care. That being said, we would like to welcome the new children, Evan, Ethan, C.J. and Isaiah. Also, Jaden started with us a couple months back. Welcome to all and we look forward to the day we can celebrate their graduation to kindergarten as well. Contact Mary Gregory to learn more about home child care in Valencia, CA.

Good Luck to Annie and Amani as they move on to kindergarten!

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