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At Mary’s School House we celebrate many special days. Of course, we celebrate everyone’s birthday and all the primary holidays, but it doesn’t stop there. There’s Silly Socks day, Pajama Day, National Chocolate Day, Pizza Day, Health Care Provider’s Day and many more. In fact, the list of special days is almost endless!

While celebrating all the different days we are making a point to help the children create memories and remember what they learn. For instance, on silly socks day, all the children and teachers wear brightly colored socks, thus encouraging them to learn their colors.

Creating learning conditions by having the special days really does work and the children are always looking forward to whatever comes next.

I can’t believe how time flies! With the holidays behind us it’s nice to be back on our regular daycare schedule. Located inValencia, CA, the Gregory Family Child Care teachers believe in keeping our days structured as much as possible. That being said, we also know it’s important to keep our activities new, fresh and exciting. That’s why we often have special fun days, in which the children and their families can plan and look forward to. See some examples below:

On a recent a Super Hero’s Day we had our very own amazing and beautiful Super Girl, Deanna Rivetti, arrive to entertain the kids. They absolutely loved it! On Super Hero Day, the children and teachers all show up wearing their favorite super hero shirts. We all know how much children love their super heroes, so it’s a really fun day, especially with Super Girl present!

Other recent fun days we had included “Silly Socks Day” where the kids and teachers all wore silly looking socks for the day. We also had a “Hilarious Hats” day, and as you would expect, the kids wore fun and different hats. It won’t be long until we have our annual Pajama Day. What Fun!

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