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Annual Easter Egg Hunting Fun at Mary’s Schoolhouse

It’s spring time here in Valencia and the children at Mary’s School House always have a blast at the Gregory Family Child Care annual Easter egg hunt. Not only do the children fill their baskets with brightly colored eggs, they also enjoy a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny! We’ve had many hunts in the past but this years group of kids really stood out by showing lots of hustle and making smart decisions.

Easter Bunny at Mary's Schoolhouse

Easter Egg Hunt a Wonderful Learning Experience

It’s amazing how much the children can learn from just from one egg hunt. When you considering all the preparation that goes into the hunt, the children really had multiple opportunities to learn much more than how to collect the most eggs. First, we start out a week in advance by coloring the eggs. This year, instead of using real eggs we picked up some remarkable plastic eggs, that look and feel just like a real egg. Anyway, we spent a day all coloring the eggs. Of course, this helped the little ones to learn their colors, while the older children learned about mixing colors. Once the egg coloring was complete we used the brightly colored eggs to teach how to recognize and spell the basic colors such as blue, red, white, purple, etc. Now, you might be wondering exactly how many eggs we had ready for the hunt? Well, that’s the next part of the project.

Kids Ready to Hunt Easter Eggs

The Day of the Egg Hunt
On the day of the hunt the children are thrilled to see the Easter Bunny arrive and hide their eggs. Not long after, the hunt is on! Off they go, buckets in hand and do not stop until each child fills their own bucket to the brim! So, I’m sure you can guess this presents the perfect opportunity to work on our counting. This works out even better for the older children since they were especially motivated to learn to see who has the most eggs.

Photo Opportunity With the Easter Bunny
Once the egg hunt is over the children get photos with the Easter Bunny. Unfortunately, one or two of the younger ones are usually too scared of that bunny, but we were able to get the photos anyway.

Egg Hunt Fun Motivates Learning
Our Easter Egg hunt is a perfect example of how we continue using fun activities as a method to help the children learn, often without even knowing it! There’s no need to prod or push the children to learn because they are having so much fun with a given activity, they learn as they go. Not only that, they are much more likely to retain their new knowledge and build on it in the future.

We hope you enjoyed hearing of our annual egg hunt and if seeking home child care in Santa Clarita, be sure to contact us for more information.