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Children Enjoy National Chocolate Fondue Day

Gregory Family Child Care children celebrate National Chocolate Fondue Day with their teacher, Mary Gregory. Take a look at the video and read below to learn more.

Today we provided the perfect, rare chocolate treat with a favorite chocolate fondue. The children only got a small taste but at least the chocolate is gluten and peanut free. Of course, all children know they like candy but the intent of this treat was to teach the kids of different ways to prepare tasty treats. We had them taste the chocolate before it was warmed and melted, then again after it was turned into a fondue. Of course, it was no big surprise, they loved it!

Also, since the chocolate we served is dark chocolate, it has no milk product ingredients. These are all foods that some children and adults are allergic. We always make sure to minimize that concern by serving only healthy and wholesome foods, including chocolate.

As child care providers, we learned long ago how important it is to be careful of foods as some children have allergies. In most cases we are aware of any allergies in advance, but you never know. Some children have been known develop a food allergy, almost out of nowhere. This is especially true of foods with peanuts and dairy products. Since many chocolate products have peanuts we chose a dark chocolate that is also peanut free.

Also, notice we use a flameless fondue warmer. There’s no flame, so it’s safe for the children to use. That doesn’t mean it’s not messy! HA! Instead of a flame, there’s a light bulb in the fondue warmer that gently warms the chocolate, perfect for dipping! To learn more about daycare in Valencia CA or ask about some of our recipes, contact Mary Gregory at 661-210-7617 or visit our contact page and send us a message.