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Children Celebrate Chinese New Year

Annie Playing Traditional Chinese Instrument

The Chinese New Year on Sunday February 10th, and each year it’s a wonderful opportunity for our children and their families to learn a little something about the Chinese New Year traditions.

Gregory Family Child Care includes a diverse group of amazing young children, and it’s so much fun to learn about their individual ethnic backgrounds and traditions.

Since there’s no child care on Sunday, we celebrated the Chinese New year on Friday before and we all had a fun time. The kids learned a little something at the same time. Since 2013  is the Chinese Year of the Snake, the children all did their art for the day by coloring a snake. We also did some Chinese home decorations. Each child was also able to try on and wear traditional Chinese clothing, and we all ate Chinese food for lunch.

It was great fun to see the children proudly present their parents with their art work and share about the day. I heard more than one parent say they had no idea about any of the Chinese New Year was almost upon us, so it was an added plus to know the parents learned as well. This is exactly why we celebrate many different special days. Not only do the children get the opportunity ot learn about different traditions and cultures, the parents learn too. It’s something each family can enjoy and share.