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Masterchef Junior Jimmy Visits Gregory Family Child Care

We are so excited to have had Masterchef Junior Jimmy visit Gregory Family Child Care this week. If you are not familiar with Masterchef Junior, it’s a wonderful Fox Reality TV show where young talented home cooks compete in cooking challenges with the winner earning the title of Masterchef Junior.

How Did Teacher Mary Meet Jimmy and His Mom
When I watched the first episode this season I was excited to learn we have one of our hometown boys in the competition. I then friended Jimmy and his mom on Facebook and discovered we kind of made a connection! From there, I met Jimmy’s mom in person at a local Starbucks and later arranged to have Jimmy visit our child care here at our home child care

Master Chef Jimmy Visits Child Care in Valencia CA
Master Chef Junior Jimmy Visits in 2015

Jimmy’s Visit Highlights Busy Week at Child Care
Wow, what a busy week! We had a special Valentine’s Day party on Thursday, and Jimmy visited on Friday. The children and teachers were thrilled to have Santa Clarita’s talented young Masterchef Junior contender visit our home child care! In advance of Jimmy’s visit, everyday we played small portions of the Masterchef Junior TV show so the children could see Jimmy cooking on television. Then, for one of our craft projects we helped the children make chef’s hats to wear on our Masterchef Junior day. As usual, we used this special event as a way to stimulate the children and make learning fun! It was also an opportunity to teach the kids some basic cooking skills.

Jimmy Also is a Natural With Children
I must say, this experience with Jimmy was amazing. Jimmy really connected with the kids and seemed to have a fun time here with the children. He arrived with special treats, read a story book, answered questions, signed pictures and the children really took a natural liking to him. Even our teachers seemed a bit star struck, but they managed to focus on their jobs and keeping the visit organized.

Jimmy is an amazing young teen and a wonderful role model for youngsters everywhere, especially here in Santa Clarita Valley. Being a young teen himself, Jimmy’s mom Lisa was here as well and it’s not surprising she’s an amazing and supportive mom herself. We wish Jimmy and his mom the brightest of futures and they are always welcome in our home.

Jimmy Inspires 7 Year Old Gianna
Talking about inspiration, it now appears our 7 year old granddaughter Gianna has been inspired by Jimmy to learn even more about cooking! Even today, as I update this post 6 years later, Gianna still remembers the day she met Jimmy at child care.

We hope you enjoyed our exciting news about Masterchef Junior Jimmy Visits Gregory Family Child Care.

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