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Past Child Student Becomes Outstanding Provider – Makenna Schaefer

We were so excited to have Makenna working part time for us a teacher. I cared for Makenna when she was a little girl so I was laughing about about how Makenna was working and was actually issuing instructions to me! It just doesn’t seem that it was very long ago it was the other way around!

It’s interesting that Makenna was actually a child in our care a number of years back, starting when she was just a baby. She was the little girl that always had a baby doll with her and loved to care for her doll. She could often be seen copying the very same tasks that we do everyday with the children.

Makenna was a well behaved child, and as she grew, just loved babies and young children! Now, Makenna has a masters degree in child development related classes. While she was attending college she worked for us part time, as a teacher. Makenna loves children and is a natural child care provider. She does a wonderful job for us and we were all thrilled to have her on the Gregory Family Child Care team. What was even more important, the children responded to Makenna and loved her. Makenna now manages her own child care facility. It’s obvious she is passionate about children and possesses all the natural tools needed to be a huge success.

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