Yes, it happened again this year too. It seems the sneaky little Leprechaun made a quick pit stop at our home child care today, and peed green in the toilet while the children were St Patty's Day napping! For some reason that little guy must really like our bathroom, because he stops in almost every St Patty’s Day. Well, regardless of why, the children were very excited to see actual proof of a secret visit by the Leprechaun. It was  an actual leprechaun sighting

In celebration of St Patty’s Day, we had a traditional Irish themed meal of corn beef and cabbage lunch. The children and teachers all dressed in green, so thankfully there was no pinching going on! The kids were able to play a little dress up and get their pictures taken. There was St Patty’s Day themed art work projects and it was all great fun! We always take full advantage of St Patty’s Day because it allows us the opportunity to work on a number of different projects to help the kids learn. Certainly, they will know the color green. They will all have a taste of the traditional foods but of course, there will NOT be any stopping in at the local pub for a pint:)

Honestly, we’re all so thankful the children enjoy their time in our care. It’s great to see them having fun while learning about some of our American traditions and holidays as well. Also, thank you to Teacher Beckie for bringing the makings and thanks to Makenna for working the day as well! What a great group of children and teachers. We’re so grateful to have them all in our lives.

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