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Two of the Three Musketeers are Back

jack and michael
Jack & Michael in 2012

Before going any further I must state, the feature image above is from our latest three musketeers, in 2021!

Wow! How my past students grow so quickly! It’s such an exciting week here at the Gregory Family Child Care! With some of the families on vacation, we had room available to take in a couple of our oldsters during their summer break. No, they’re not really old, but they are past students in our care and they’ve certainly been missed. It’s Jack and Michael! They represent two of the original Three Musketeer’s of our daycare.

At one time we had three little boys in our care and all were about the same age and they were so much fun! They would to do just about everything together. It was fun to watch them as they would move about the daycare, all together, and at the same time. it was almost like they were attached to each other. Sometime it was like they were three kids in one! Now, 2 of the 3 will be here for a few weeks this summer. What fun! Now, if we only had Christian back…

More Best Buddies in 2021

When updating this site here in 2021 I was going to delete this post, only because it was so outdated. However, it made me think about the years since the first 3 Musketeers and I realized, we’ve had more threesomes of children who were best buddies when in our care. Although this post was about 3 specific little boys in our care years ago, this same best buddy phenomena has repeated itself again and again.

It’s not just the boys either as we’ve plenty of girl buddies team up. I will say, since we have smaller groups, it’s usually two kids instead of three. So, this time between 2010 and 2012 with these 3 little boys, it really was quite special.

Some of our children start with us at one year old and stay until they go to kindergarten. We know how much they might miss their friends and teachers so we make sure to prepare them far in advance, ending with a special graduation celebration. This way they know what to expect and are more secure as they move on with their education.

One of the benefits of a home child care as opposed to a large facility, is the close relationships we develop with the children and the parents. It’s always so exciting to see them again when they return for short visits! In fact, some of the children in our care are actually children of parents that were in my care when they were children. Yep, I know I’m sating myself, but I’m far beyond caring!